About Us

The PSK Foundation is an Non Profit Company created to bridge the gap between donors and its recipients. The building blocks that we address  are started from grass root levels, combining both technology and solutions to help ensure that Non Profit centres are assisted to become self sustainable.

In doing so we have identified various integrated solutions that would work “hand and glove ” to start changing mindsets on how to become sustainable always.

Our solutions and projects are tailored for each and every organisation individually to ensure that they receive maximum benefit for its value. One current solution is the Hydroponic system which will help in sustainability and alleviate poverty.

Our board has a variety of skills spanning across technology , medical , psychological and economic backgrounds.

We stand very firmly with our motto ” changing lives….one breath at a time ” always.

Worldwide charity programs

As a Foundation based in the continent of Africa , our work doesn’t stop there. Partnering with different teams and cross skilling around the globe is crucial to our existence.

We keep abreast on current trends globally , watching indices and foreign exchange closely.

Awesome volunteers

WOW , this is an amazing group of people dedicated to making a difference no matter what the odds are. To us the word volunteers puts in subtle in context , but god given is more like it. From late nights burning the midnight oil to shedding of tears these are phenomenal human beings in action and delivering.  It is definitely without them we are become I.

Hats off and constant applause to these absolute guardian angels.

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Charity programs for children

Our Youth Development is headed up by a team of professionals encompassing  the following :

  • Life Skills
  • Educational Syllabus
  • Awareness Programs
  • Counselling
  • Exchange Programs
  • Motivational Programes
  • Career Choices & Paths
  • Making Differences